Nearly 130 New Hampshire lawyers, mental health and financial professionals gathered in Concord NY on June 14th to accompany me on an introductory tour of the new world of  applied neuro-literacy.

The Family Law Section of the State Bar co-sponsored the event with the State Bar itself.  Expectations that mainly divorce lawyers would attend were belied by the diverse group who attended, including at least one retired judge, a FINRA securities arbitrator, a state legislative lobbyist, some CPA’s, and a cluster of psychotherapists.

As always, I tailored the presentation in real time to match the interests of the group that showed up, taking a vote from time to time as to whether we should use remaining time for experiential exercises, discussion, roleplay, or more amazing video clips illustrating mirror neurons in action, irrational neuro-economic decision making, mammalian primate trust behavior, and much  more.

This group was unusually clear in its preference for more video, and so I was able to show them a video clip of a popular TV show based on the Prisoners’ Dilemma game that made them gasp, a clip of monkeys demonstrating cooperation and trust, another showing that monkeys and even dogs are hardwired to insist on fairness as well as economic self interest, and some mind-boggling video clips showing attention blindness and behavior priming.

I love teaching this material and I’m constantly updating the multimedia resources I include in trainings, workshops, and speeches.  Contact me if you’d like to bring a similar event to your community.

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