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ILI is looking for a volunteer or intern

Help the Integrative Law Institute Transform Law Into a Humanistic Profession The Integrative Law Institute is looking for a college student or recent graduate who would like to build a strong resume by volunteering with ILI as it launches its … Continue reading

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Physical Health May be At Risk When Legal Conflict Resolution Settlements Create “Haves” and “Have Not’s”

I often use Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a tool in my conflict resolution courses and workshops for lawyers.  It posits that before anyone can attend to higher-level needs such as love, belonging, esteem, and realizing dreams, the lower level … Continue reading

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How Collaborative Legal Practice Led the Way to Integrative Law

Any lawyer who engages seriously in collaborative legal negotiations learns pretty quickly  that traditional legalistic positional bargaining is pointless, because predictions about court results lose their force when neither lawyer can take the matter to court to find out if … Continue reading

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Living and Working in your Full Self: a Very Accessible Mindfulness Tool for Conflict Resolution Professionals

Did you ever get up from your desk after a long day of drafting documents, batting back emails, and talking on the phone with clients and other lawyers,  to discover that you are exhausted in both body and mind, noticing … Continue reading

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Self-Scan, Stealth Scan, and Conflict Resolution

  It’s long been understood by social psychologists that mimicry is part of who we are as humans.  We copy the body language, gestures, and facial expressions of those around us without meaning to, or even knowing we are doing … Continue reading

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Stories: the Power of Narrative in Conflict Resolution

We  learn in law school that the best way to achieve a great settlement is to prepare vigorously for trial,  building a powerful legal argument emphasizing facts that fit our theory of the case, while challenging the significance of those … Continue reading

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Powerful People Believe Everyone–Except Themselves–Should Follow Rules

A recent study explored the impact of having power–or even thinking for a moment about power–on moral judgements.  Power causes  people to be much more likely to advocate for moral judgments based upon following the rules.  In contrast, people primed … Continue reading

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Lying and Deceit in Negotiations: Gender May Matter

A disturbing report from the June 2012 issue of Scientific American suggests that in competitive negotiating situations, men are far likelier than women  to engage in deceptive practices –at least in situations involving their perceived masculine identity.  Two independent studies … Continue reading

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