Integrative Law Received Enthusiastically in South Africa

Teaching Integrative Law to South African lawyers

ILI Director Pauline Tesler visited Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa in April at the invitation of the Centre for Integrative Law, to present workshops on “Law and the Human Brain: Neuro-Literacy 101 for Lawyers, Mediators, and Judicial Officers.”

Participants in the workshops came from a broad swath of the legal profession, including a large contingent from South Africa’s government-funded Legal Aid Society as well as lawyers from Africa’s largest international commercial law firm, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs.

Representative comments about the workshops:

“It is an amazing eye-opener. A must attend for every lawyer.”          Bishop Kgagara, Pretoria, South Africa

“What a refreshingly new and dynamic insight into our staid profession. You are to be congratulated for having the courage of your convictions in introducing Pauline to our fraternity here. Her presentation skills and enthusiasm for her groundbreaking approach are remarkable and very infectious.” ~ Nick Muller, Director – Dispute Resolution, Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc., South Africa, 2013 

“Every lawyer should attend this seminar.  It is that simple.  What Pauline Tesler has done is condense much of the latest findings of neuroscience in a format which is both content-rich and palatable. Attending this seminar will not only give you another set of perspectives through which to view the entire legal profession, but a remarkable insight into human behaviour and how law is practiced in this context.” Wendy Ward, lawyer, South Africa, 2013

 A brilliant presentation. Absolutely amazing and remarkable! Very interesting and informative.”          Hajra Siddi Ganie, Mount Edgecombe, South Africa

“Of vital importance- should be taught and required legal studies and at university!”          Mariette Kruger, Johannesburg, South Africa


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