Why Seek Out Certified Integrative Lawyers?

Integrative Lawyers

Integrative Law Institute at Commonweal

The Integrative Law movement is gaining traction and is reaching out to lawyers who may not yet see the need for changing business as usual.  ILI’s workshops and programs for certifying integrative lawyers are unusual in that they aim to reach lawyers who don’t self-identify as peacemakers–lawyers who without ever meaning to may be adding to the suffering of their clients who have legal issues that arise from broken personal relationships.

In this interview from KWMR radio, ILI Director Pauline Tesler talks about ILI’s mission:  to reclaim law as a healing profession.  She explains why it can be so important to take   your personal legal issues to a lawyer who has taken the time to learn about emerging  discoveries in the biological and social sciences concerning how humans make decisions, and how we  experience and resolve conflict. In other words…to an integrative lawyer.

KWMR Radio Interview:  Pauline Tesler talks about Integrative Law


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