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Pauline Tesler Explains Why Integrative Law Matters

Children, families, and communities suffer when lawyers use 19th century methods to help people resolve interpersonal legal disputes.  The Integrative Law Institute teaches lawyers 21st Century, science-based ways to help people resolve conflicts and make peace. Watch this short video … Continue reading

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Men and Women: Our Brains Really Are Wired Differently

Does it make you uncomfortable to think that there really are biological differences in the brains of men and women?  Not me; I’ve seen those differences play out over a lifetime in precisely the ways suggested by a new study  … Continue reading

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What is Neuro-Literacy and Why Should You Care?

Pauline Tesler, Family Lawyer Magazine: April 22, 2013 1. What is NeuroLiteracy and Why Should You Care About It? A flood of neuroscience research studies (including imaging technologies as well as animal and human studies) is yielding remarkable discoveries … Continue reading

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Professor Leonard Riskin Joins Integrative Law Institute Advisory Board

  Professor Riskin teaching mindful awareness to law students Legal Scholar,  Mediator, and Pioneer in Alternative Dispute Resolution Education Brings Unique Vision to Integrative Law Institute Board We announce with pleasure that Leonard L. Riskin has joined the Integrative Law … Continue reading

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Conscious Contracting: Integrative Law for Transactional Lawyers

Lawyers in the U.S. are working on creative models for bringing transactional lawyers into the Integrative Law movement. They ask:  what if contract negotiations began with a discussion of the parties’ shared vision, mission, and values?  And what if those … Continue reading

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Integrative Law Received Enthusiastically in South Africa

ILI Director Pauline Tesler visited Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa in April at the invitation of the Centre for Integrative Law, to present workshops on “Law and the Human Brain: Neuro-Literacy 101 for Lawyers, Mediators, and Judicial Officers.” Participants … Continue reading

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NeuroLiteracy 101: Moving from Dispute Resolution to Conflict Resolution

Why should lawyers and other dispute resolution professionals become neuro-literate?  On January 12, 2013, lawyers, mediators, and colleagues from allied professions (financial planning, psychology, and family counseling) will join me in San Francisco for an all-day workshop, called Law Practice … Continue reading

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Announcing ILI’s Certification in Integrative Lawyering

ILI has an ambitious plan: to offer a Certification in Integrative Lawyering, in connection with comprehensive training in all the vectors that together constitute Integrative Law. Law Practice and the Human Brain:  NeuroLiteracy 101 is our first 6-hour program, taking … Continue reading

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Alert for Conflict Resolution Professionals: Child Custody Orders May Be Harming Adult Capacity to Love

    Adversarial lawyers  who jockey for position when litigating custody issues involving young children often treat custodial time as if it were a bottom line numbers  issue like support and asset division. This goes to jaw-dropping extremes sometimes–unmarried fathers … Continue reading

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ILI is looking for a volunteer or intern

Help the Integrative Law Institute Transform Law Into a Humanistic Profession The Integrative Law Institute is looking for a college student or recent graduate who would like to build a strong resume by volunteering with ILI as it launches its … Continue reading

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