Neuro-Economist Paul Zak Joins Integrative Law Institute Advisory Board

Professor Leonard Riskin Joins Integrative Law Institute Advisory Board

Why Seek Out Certified Integrative Lawyers?

Conscious Contracting: Integrative Law for Transactional Lawyers

Integrative Law Received Enthusiastically in South Africa

Sharon Ellison partners with ILI for Certification in Integrative Law

Program for Certifying Integrative Lawyers Announced by Integrative Law Institute

Integrative Law Institute Partner Offers “Mindfulness and Compassion” workshop in March

Leading positive psychology researcher joins Integrative Law Institute Advisory Board

When Gandhi was a lawyer: Integrative Law Milestones

When Gandhi was a lawyer: Integrative Law Milestones

Announcing ILI’s Certification in Integrative Lawyering

ILI’s Newest Advisory Board Member: Hon. Thelton E. Henderson

Alert for Conflict Resolution Professionals: Child Custody Orders May Be Harming Adult Capacity to Love

ILI is looking for a volunteer or intern

Physical Health May be At Risk When Legal Conflict Resolution Settlements Create “Haves” and “Have Not’s”

How Collaborative Legal Practice Led the Way to Integrative Law

Living and Working in your Full Self: a Very Accessible Mindfulness Tool for Conflict Resolution Professionals

Self-Scan, Stealth Scan, and Conflict Resolution

Stories: the Power of Narrative in Conflict Resolution

Powerful People Believe Everyone–Except Themselves–Should Follow Rules

Lying and Deceit in Negotiations: Gender May Matter

Integrative Law and the Journey toward the Self

Integrative Law Institute Welcomes Leading Neuroscientists and Conflict Resolution Pioneers to Advisory Board



Narrative, Stories, Emotion and Meaning in Conflict Resolution Law Practice

Clients Want Integrative Lawyering

The Price of Keeping Big Secrets

Forming Optimistic “Memories of the Future”

What does Informed Choice Mean in the Age of Neuroscience?

Hardwired for Altruism?

Our Brains Want to Control Anger and Aggression

A Conversation About ILI with carlMichael Rossi

Welcome to the Integrative Law Institute at Commonweal

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