About Integrative Law

Reclaiming Law as a Healing Profession

The Integrative Law Institute at Commonweal was founded and is directed by Pauline H. Tesler, a pioneer in interdisciplinary collaborative legal practice. She received the first “Lawyer as Problem Solver” award from the American Bar Association in 2002 and authored the critically acclaimed practice manual for lawyers, Collaborative Law: Achieving Effective Resolution in Divorce Without Litigation. Now, through ILI, she is bringing the message of integrative law beyond family law to the broader legal community.

Stay tuned for remarkable news from the front lines of  neuroscience, positive psychology, neuro-economics,  as well as human needs theory,  body-mind awareness practices, and much more,  presented through the lens of practical conflict resolution.

The Integrative Law Institute (“ILI”) aims to reclaim law as a healing profession.  In ILI’s courses and programs lawyers learn basic “neuro-literacy” and proven interdisciplinary techniques for addressing human conflicts constructively, not solely as legal problems, but across the many dimensions in which conflict impacts the lives of people experiencing it.

ILI’s workshops and programs  integrate traditional practices, creative conflict resolution tools, and front line research discoveries from the biological and social sciences in ways that lawyers, mediators, and judicial officers can use right away.

ILI offers dynamic, intellectually exciting programs that carry MCLE credit for lawyers.  These courses can be applied toward  ILI’s certification in Integrative Law.

ILI’s weekend workshops for mid-career lawyers , held in breathtakingly beautiful natural settings, offer small-group intimacy, values-based self-reflective engagement, intellectually rich content, and concrete goal-setting components aimed at reclaiming professional vision and satisfaction.  Carrying as many as 15 hours of MCLE credit, these workshops are designed to satisfy ILI’s requirements for certification in Integrative Law.


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